Innovative consulting and Training Solutions

If you need new ideas to take your company

and team to the next professional level, look no further. Innovative Consulting and Training Solutions can help you meet these goals. We pride ourselves in being client focused, efficient and tailor our approach to your company size. We offer services that are considerate of our clients and populations they serve. Let us reenergize you and your team to achieve success not yet envisioned.


Collaborative partnerships provide opportunities for authentic communication which can foster open, honest, and credible dialogue. They are enhanced by mutual trust and shared goals. They can be the change agents needed when addressing organizational and societal issues.

Quality Assurance

Continuous improvement is an important concept for most organizations who desire to remain relevant and are focused on improving efficiency. Thus, performance improvement conversations at different levels (organization, employee, team, etc.) are critical to one’s market viability.

About Us

Innovative Consulting and Training Solutions, LLC, is a leading, well respected, consulting and training business centrally located in Mississippi. Our services are varied and most center around faith based and healthcare consulting, quality improvement and leadership development and training. With over 17 years of experience, we ensure that your business with us embodies a caring environment…

Why Choose Us

We provide innovative,

Professional services to our clients where excellence in presentation, client satisfaction and product delivery are paramount. We take pride in assuring that each client we serve receives exemplary customer service and timely delivery on projects. We treasure collaborative partnerships and our role in staying connected to community partners by providing relevant consulting and training solutions to constituents near and far.

Our Services

We offer services that are considerate of our clients and populations they serve


We provide solutions to given problems through diagnostic analysis.

Compliance Training

We help your organization build a consensus and commitment to process management and corrective action.

Leadership Development

We provide leadership development to your team that will improve organizational effectiveness by facilitating client learning and assessing operational infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

With a quality assurance component, we help you have confidence that metrics are in place to provide evidence-based results.

Meet Our Team

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Our Testimonials

We value our impact in the community at large and the success of the clients we serve. See for yourself what others are saying about our character, work and professionalism.

Client Photo
Detra E

“Dr. Filzen was my director for almost 7 years. She was an amazing leader, mentor and advisor. She saw potential in me when I didn’t see it in myself. She helped me to become a better professional and made me question and develop a different way of thinking which helped me to become a better leader. Her positive attitude and way of leading just made working with/for her an amazing experience and an overall positive work atmosphere! ”

Client Photo
J. Max

"I have known Dr. Angela Filzen for many years, and she is a leader in her field. She has the wisdom and the acumen to help you reach your business goals. I highly recommend her if you want to take your business to the next level. You can trust her recommendations."